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Android 7 (Nugat) supports access to raw GNSS measurements.

With the support of accessing raw GNSS measurements high precision tracking with android mobiles would be possible in the future. OpenDEM will focus on this potential for deriving high precision DEMs. Here is a interesting article from GpsWorld about this and here are some first measurements.



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OpenDEM High Resolution DEM Searcher map client online

The days of data shortage are gone. More and more high resolution DEM data sets are published under free licenses or as public domain. Through INSPIRE in Europe more and more will follow. But it is hard to find these data sets and the corresponding licenses. Therefore, this map client was developed. This client focus on free high resolution datasets with a spatial resolution of 2 meters and below on county/state scale. Have also a look at the help topic and the shown data sources, link lists and catalogues.

Screenshot OpenDEM tracker


OpenDEM Tracker Version Beta 0.2 released


- Link to the online correction tool with manual reference data
- List other weather conditions which could lead to improper results
-  Patched null pointer exception if no barometric sensor is available
- Corrected swapped lat lon header entries when saving on device






Online tool for manual correction of the OpenDemTracker tracks with external reference data released here.

Another mobile or GPS with barometric sensor could be used as a reference station. The tool then processes the files and you could also adapt the time if necessary. Of course the tool could also process other input data than OpenDemTracks tracks.

An upload tool for files to the OpenDemTracker database will follow.

Screenshot OpenDEM tracker


GPS tracking and height recording based on the barometric sensor of your mobile device.

The OpenDEM Tracker App Beta is now available in the Google Play Store:


Please test the app and help to build up an Open Digital Elevation Model.

Be aware that this is an app with experimental status. With the present reference data of the weather APIs, it is not possible to create a reliable correction of the data over longer time periods. See here for further information. 

Nonetheless, the first 10 minutes of every recorded track could be a good starting point to build up an OpenDEM.

Read more at this website under the OpenDemTracker menue item.



The OpenDEM Tracker App for user generated heights is on the way...

Unfortunately the desired reference data is yet not available, but read yourself here.

Mathematicians, meterorologists or physics out there, here is some test data. Perhaps somebody could find a way to correct the data in a proper way.

Thanks a lot Werner for the logo & icon!