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Server Update! Some functions may not work in the next days.






openDEM Europe


Slovenia is now completely processed.

Tile N260E475 is reprocessed, the missing tiles could be found.


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First dual-frequency GNSS smartphone is available

The Xiaomi Mi 8 is fitted with a Broadcom BCM47755 chip, which is a dual-frequency (E1/L1+E5/L5) GNSS chip. Accuracies of up to a few decimetres are promised. We will see.

Further information here:

If there is a potential the OpenDemTracker will be completely revised.




openDEM Europe


Updated imprint and data protection declaration.

To be consistent with the european DSGVO the imprint and data protection declaration has been updated.






openDEM Europe


The problem with the Y axis swap of the 4326 datasets is fixed!





OpenDEM presentation about OpenDemEurope is online (German only).

Unfortunately the OpenDocument Format could not be correctly read by the local reader, so here is the presentation as a pdf.


openDEM Europe



There is a problem with a Y axis swap of the 4326 datasets! Till the problem is solved the webclient will be not be available..


openDEM Europe


Open-DEM-Europe - Update of Copernicus EU-DEM Version 1.1

Version 1.1 of the EU-DEM is now also available for OpenDEM Europe. The already processed regions of the Netherlands, Flanders (Belgium) and NRW (Germany) are based on Version 1.0.




OpenDEM presentation about OpenDemEurope at the FOSSGIS Conference - 21.3.2018 18:15

The article for the conference transcript is online (German only).


openDEM Europe


Open-DEM-Europe - Border triangle Belgium - Germany - Netherlands completely processed

The border triangle Belgium (Flanders)- Germany (NRW )- Netherlands is now completed.


openDEM Europe


Open-DEM-Europe - First state completely processed

As the first state North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany) is completly processed with large parts of the border triangle Belgium - Germany - Netherlands. The processing of Flanders (Belgium) and the Netherlands will be completed soon.